Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you may bring snacks or just order food ahead at one of your stops.
We have great drink deals at many local places we stop at or you may do a BYOB ride with beer and wine only. All riders must be over 21, limits apply.
* Be sure to have an exit plan for after your tour *
Anyone who likes to move, get fresh air, and have out of the box fun! It’s a great bucket list item. Rent it for parties, pub crawls, team building, city rides, bachelor parties, weddings etc…we know of lots of ways to roll. For adults 21 and older or by arrangement.
The Spokane Party Trolley carries 16 passengers, plus the guide. There are 10 pedaling seats, 5 ‘slacker’ seats, and room for one standee in the middle. A minimum of 8 pedalers is required in order to ‘roll’.
No problem! Sign up with like minded people and take one of our 2 hour Mixer tours on a pub crawl that stops at 3 or 4 of our local partner’s places. $27 per seat* Social Mixers require a minimum of 8 passengers (minimum of 10 for half-price Hump Day) in order to roll. (*Must commit to the whole tour)

What if I have too many for the ride? Easy. We now have two trolleys and can take parties of up to 32 people, or you can split a large group on to two bikes and have a race. Or change out participants at one of the stops.

Always. Our insurance won’t have it any other way. The Driver will keep you along your route, help you stay on time and enforce the rules.
The Driver. If you act in a dangerous manner, you’ll be asked to get off and find your own way home. You can imagine the difficulty we had finding insurance for this thing in the US. It’s important to keep it.

The Renter is the spokesperson for the group and that is the only person the Driver answers to. You can imagine how confusing it can get when 16 different people all try to call the shots.

It averages about four miles an hour, but we’ve heard it can get up to 12 mph if you go downhill with a tailwind and everyone pedaling!
Yes, if the hills are close to flat or only go downhill. But our experience is when you go down a hill, you have to come back up and most people don’t like to get out and push even though it’s easier sometimes. The routes are carefully selected to avoid hills above a 5-6% grade.
Hours of operation are between 10am and 10pm, so the last ride leaves at 8:00pm.
You will be charged a late fee if you do not return the Spokane Party Trolley to the starting point on time. The Driver doesn’t pedal, but will assist in keeping you on time, but the pedaling is up to you. We have test pedaled all routes and know how long they take.
Spokane Party Trolley operates rain or shine! We are Washingtonians; not only can we dress for the weather, we make it look good! Please no flip flops and dress comfortably. However, if severe weather does occur, Spokane Party Trolley reserves the right to cancel and offer a rain check. Sorry, once a ride starts, there will be no rain check offered.
Yes, we can go all year if people want to ride. As long as the streets are clear and we have warm bodies we can roll. Winter rates run from November 1st to March 31st.
Standard two hour weekday rides are $320 and two-hour weekend rides are $360 (around $24 each!). Single seat rental $30. All rides require at least a minimum of 8 pedalers. See PRICING page for more details.
If for some reason you really need to cancel (we can’t imagine why!) here’s how it works: If the renter cancels 30 days in advance, we offer either a refund or rain check valid for three months. Cancellations of more than 14 days, we offer a 50% refund or three month rain check. Cancellations less than 14 days sorry, no refund or rain check.

Social mixers will not be charged until at least 8 people sign up for a ride.

Riding the Spokane Party Trolley has its potential hazards like most activities. We have some basic rules of conduct to keep in mind so everyone has a good time safely. We do offer the free use of helmets, just ask the Driver. ABSOLUTELY NO JUMPING ON OR OFF WHILE MOVING! Dangerous or offensive behavior may lead to getting kicked off the Trolley or fines for the renter.
Three of the pedaling seats are adjustable and two of the seats don’t have pedals, so for the rest of the seats you must be at least 5,3” or able to pedal in platform shoes. There is a maximum weight limit of 300 lbs, but hat and shoe size don’t matter. The bench on the back is perfect for those that don’t meet the height and weight requirements.